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I've been entertained by this on some other Lj's so now I pass this on. We're going to play the classic game of Shag, Marry and Cliff. essentially, one person proposes a set of three people, and everyone else (well its usually a one on one thing, but this is the internets, so its more of a free for all) selects which one they would sleep with, which one they would marry and which one they would push off a cliff. When you're selecting people for the set of three, the choices shouldn't be obvious. (eg, Hitler, Eliza Dushku and Jessica Simpson is a really bad set (if there is anyone who cant guess who gets what in that set, you are fired as my friend))

I will note that I'm operating under the assumptions that shag means a one night stand, or at most a short and entirely physical relationship, marry implies sex, unless there is a really good reason why not (hes a man and I dont swing that way is not a good reason. He is in jail for life, and I'm fairly sure super-max prisons don't allow conjugal visits is a decent reason why not). And push off a cliff means splat.

just to kick things off, the two sets I actually bothered posting answers too when someone else made this post, and my personal choices.

Buffy, willow & faith. (Cliff, Shag, Marry)

Mal, Jayne & Wash. (Shag, Cliff, Marry)

You are encouraged to discuss your reasoning for any choices made.

now go and play in the comments section, ya'll
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