Mar. 24th, 2008

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when flying into Canada, and you're going through the "do you have any of these to declare" checklist, don't pause to think "I definitely got rid of all the snacks I had before I got off the plane, didn't I", just confidently answer "no, I have no food."

I'm fairly sure thats what got me diverted into the full bag check, where I was asked pointed questions (by a cute girl, but still a customs person) about the following items; my riding boots and crop, my set of d6s with a heraldic design where the 1 normally is, my collection of comic books, my laptop ("can you power this up", "why does this not look like windows", "where is the My Pictures folder" (ah, thank you paranoia, as all my vaguely questionable data is encrypted and stored in inobvious locations when crossing borders)), my cable ties. by the point that we unearthed my stuffed cow, and my bottles of ink, and my pieces of original art, and about the 5th notebook, and my massive collection of power cables, the customs person was pretty much reduced to giving me funny looks.

I was also asked long questions about what my plans were in Canada, and had people look unsatisfied by my responses, at both the preliminary customs point and the bag search. This is not particularly surprising, since my total plan was "I've got a place in Montreal for a few days, then I'll head to a hostel in Toronto and start looking for work". The part that got me was that the immigration person, who issued my visa and is supposed to ask pointed questions about my ability to find work and my level of funds allowing me to support myself and then piss off out of the country when I'm done, asked very few questions and was not at all disappointed by answers like "I'll work wherever I can get a job", but the customs people, who aren't really in the position of having to worry about anything other than "does he have a shipment of coke stuffed up his arse" asked more probing questions and appeared more disappointed by the answers. Despite the fact that I have enough money to spend the entire year in this country and get by without working a damn day, if I wanted to blow my savings (spoiler: I do not want to blow my savings).

Anyway, I'm now in canada, hanging round at a hostel and starting to apply for jobs. I've been to a B grade hockey game, but I doubt I'll make a leafs game this season, cause they keep hanging on to the outside chance of making the playoffs, thus making every game a fascinating do or die affair, and greatly reducing the chance of getting a decent price scalped ticket. At least there is bugger all chance of them taking the cup this year, the level of support and ticket prices are bad enough as it is. As every hockey fan I've talked to here has said, "Imagine how big their fan base would be if they'd managed to take a cup in the last 40 years"

I'm liking it here. the people are friendly, the snow is neat, job market looks OK, poutine is interesting, hot wings are good, pancakes and syrup and bacon is a complete breakfast, beer is expensive. I'm planning on doing a wineries tour at some point before leaving Toronto, mainly to see what Icewine is like.


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