Jan. 12th, 2008

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there was a smh article today, asking why we recognise the achievements of great athletes and sports people, but not, for example, those of great mathematicians.


personally, the answer is simple. because it is far harder to understand the achievements of great mathematicians. or scientists, or the majority of artists. and it is getting harder, as the work of those who stand on the shoulders of giants is getting further and further away from those who do not have the time and/or ability to climb up the giants in the first place.

Sport, on the other hand, is generally easier to understand. especially sports we have competed in at some level. we apply an understanding of how far our best efforts take us in order that we can be amazed by the efforts of those at the top of their game. Even when we have no direct experience with a sport, if we understand the basic skills that make it up, it can still serve to amaze us. This works far better in sport than it ever would with appreciating science or maths or art, since excellence in sport is often a matter of simply applying the same basic set of skills, just with a measure more of speed or strength or willpower.

Thats my thoughts on the matter anyway.


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